4 must-dos before your Stag Do

Whether you’re the most organised person on the planet, or struggle to plan your daily life, planning the perfect stag do can be a challenge for any one. Putting together a schedule for a group of guys, each with their individual preferences – and some of whom you may have never met before – can be tricky.

In an ideal world, everyone should come together and focus on what really matters; giving the stag as embarrassing a time as possible, but we thought we’d put together a few stag party tips just to ensure everything goes smoothly and that every guest can enjoy themselves as easily as possible.

Plan the Guest List

Putting together the stag party guest list will often come down to the best man, with guidance from the groom himself.

One of our stag do tips is that if you are planning a surprise stag weekend, you should discuss the guest list with the stag, maybe even involve him in adding all of the guests’ numbers to a stag do whatsapp group, send a short welcome message, then get him kicked out of the group so you can all plan his demise!

Choose Where to Stay

There are a number of different routes you can go down with regards to wear your stag group stays, but one of our main stag do tips would be to look at booking one larger house or villa.

This not only allows you to spread the cost of accommodation compared to booking several individual hotel rooms, but a space like this will also come with much more storage room for food and drink, and many of these types of properties include features such as pool tables, table tennis and in some cases even a swimming pool.

Book in Your Activities

As much as it can be fun to just walk down the local high street in a UK or European city and see what bar or restaurant takes your fancy, the reality is that booking in a group of 10-15 guys on a Saturday night is not going to be easy.

Make sure that you phone ahead and get a booking at the bar or restaurant of your choice, with many cities offering the chance of package deal that includes dinner, drinks and an event such as a comedy night for one set ‘per head’ fee.

This need to book ahead is even more true when it comes to your activities and is definitely one of our main stag party tips. Whatever you’re looking at doing, whether it’s quad biking, paintballing anything similar, you’ll want to get it all booked up well in advance, particularly if you have a large group or are going at a peak time. Look at sites such as Groupon or LivingSocial in the UK, or investigate stag party planning sites if abroad.

Plan the Stag Pranks

Last but not least, no list of stag do tips worth its salt would leave out recommending that you plan a whole host of pranks with which to stitch up the groom-to-be.

Whether it’s comedy outfits, a list of forfeits, or phoning ahead at a venue to ensure the comedian gives him a hard time, it’s definitely one of our top stag party tips to make sure that you all get your chance to make the groom look a bit silly.

Don't forget the t-shirts!

We hope this list has given you some helpful tips to stay on top of the stag party arrangements.

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