Five of the Best: Activities for a Stag Weekend

When it comes to planning the ideal stag weekend, there are many different factors you have to take into account. Of course matters such as the guest list, what where you stay, a good supply of food and drinks, and a list of creative ways to embarrass the stag are all key elements, but you’ll also want to make sure you plan in exactly the right stag weekend activities for your group.

Every different stag do is going to be slightly different, depending on the guest list; factors such as where you’re going, the ages and wages of the main guests involved and how many of you have work on Monday morning, but there are a few key activities that for a great option to pretty much any stag do.

Here at Mr Porkys, we like to think of ourselves as somewhat of an expert when it comes to not only providing stag do clothing and accessories, but also planning some great stag party activities to set the weekend off just right. With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a shortlist of five of the best stag weekend activities from our experience, as well as a couple of tips to go about finding the best option for you and your group. So, here goes, our top 5 stag party activities:

Go Karting


We’ll start with one of the classic stag weekend activities. It’s a classic for a reason; we’ve yet to meet anyone who got on the track for a few laps of go-karting and didn’t enjoy it.

One of the major benefits of go-karting is that there’s a facility in pretty much every town or city in the country, such is its popularity for events such as birthdays and stag do’s.

One of the benefits is that you can factor in a range of different personalised racing options in most facilities. Whether you simply want everyone out there for 20 laps together, or you’re looking to put together some sort of Grand Prix events where you share driving between teams; you can mix it up however you’d like. Make sure to take a look on sites like Groupon to see if there are any vouchers for the area what you going on your stag weekend, and don’t forget to take something a little fun, or embarrassing, to stitch up the stag.

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This is one of those stag party activities that may leave a few bruises, but it’ll certainly leave plenty of memories too!

Whether your stag do is in the UK or Europe, there should be plenty of options in most major cities, and even plenty of rural settings, to enjoy either indoor or outdoor paintballing fun.

There are countless different game options on offer, with team challenges such as Capture the Flag and individual battles such as Last One Standing. You can often get a very reasonable initial deal in terms of cost per player, but just be aware that they will often hit you with more costly charges for or topping up your paintballs; so use your bullets wisely!

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Zorbing / Zorb Football

Playing Football

Whether you want to bounce down a hill in a giant ball, or bash into your mates while playing football, zorbing provides incredible fun at a reasonable price.

Depending on the availability of hills and football courts in their vicinity, some centres will offer both of these options, while others will specialise in one.

There is no real better option, it all depends on the taste of your group, but bear in mind that zorb football will keep everybody involved at the same time, whereas, with zorbing itself, you will be a different points depending on who is at the bottom of the hill, who is currently bouncing down the hill and who is yet to take the plunge.

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Comedy Night

Comedy Night

There are few better times to go to a comedy night than when on a stag do; not only will you be in for plenty of laughs, but it’s almost certain that the stag will get ripped into at some point during proceedings!

Many cities will have options for package deals, where you can potentially get your dinner, a certain number of drinks, entrance to a comedy night and then VIP (which means different things in different places – check the reviews!) entry to a local club all for one set fee.

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Boat Tour

Boat Party

What’s the only set of stag weekend activities better than combining good food, drink, mates and laughs? How about combining all of those things while also being out on a boat!

Depending on your budget, you could be looking at anything from a luxurious catamaran down to a local barge, but whatever you go for it could be a great laugh, as long as you have the right people, access to play music from your perfect playlist, and of course a healthy supply of food and many drinks.

We hope that this short guide has given you some good ideas. If you want to add some customised t-shirts into the bargain, you can kit out your group with some quality options here on our site.

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