Funny Hen Party T-Shirts

Funny Hen Party T-Shirts

When it comes to choosing your ideal hen party t-shirts, there are various routes you could go down. whether you’re looking for something fancy and high-class, or for something to embarrass the hen on her big night, there are endless possibilities.

Here Mr Porkys, we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients find the ideal t-shirts for their hen party. One of the most popular options amongst our clients is to go for funny hen party t-shirts. When it comes to hen party t-shirts with an element of humour, just think; when is there going to be a better chance to have a laugh at the hen’s expense?

We have a wide range of design options on offer, with t-shirts in a variety of colors sizes and different visual designs. You can make use of one of our pre-existing designs, or you can send us one of your photos of the hen in question, and we will be able to turn it into a design of your choice. 

We have a range of fancy and stylish designs, but we also have different funny hen party t-shirt options such as caricature designs, where you can really bring out the humour of the event and give all of the guests a memento to takeaway that brings a smile to their face.


We’re always happy to work with our clients on helping them to find the ideal option for their hen party. We offer a flexible range of design options meaning that you can get one t-shirt for the hen, another for the maid of honour and then another set for all the remaining guests. This could also provide the ideal opportunity to have the hen thinking that you will all be wearing one t-shirt, when in actual fact you have another ‘special’ one prepared for her!

If you’ve been looking across a range of funny hen party t-shirt ideas for your event and are yet to find the right option for you then you’re welcome to get in touch with our team here at Mr Porkys today and we will help you to  pick the right option for your event. We love helping hen party groups to find the best option for them and we find that many decide that going for funny hen party t-shirts make for a great option for the event. 

We are experienced in helping our clients to look through the various funny hen party t-shirt possibilities that we have and make a truly unique option that fits their event perfectly. Anyone who has left getting their funny hen party t-shirts made until the last minute, you’ll be relieved to know that we offer a range of rapid delivery options to ensure you have your t-shirts in time for the big event.

You’re welcome to get in touch with our team today to discuss exactly what you’re looking to have designed,  with one of our friendly team of design experts able to help you reach your ideal design.

If you’re ready to look at our t-shirts in more detail, you can view them here.