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Alternative Bride Shirt

Medium close-up shots of models. The bride is in a white t shirt with ‘Bride’ design in glitter pink print. Group are in black t shirts with ‘Hens’ design in glitter silver print. Fuchsia pink background
Bride wears white lady fit t-shirt with 'Bride - Glitter' design in glitter pink and black print. Group wears black lady fit t-shirts with 'Hens - Glitter' design in glitter silver and fuchsia.

No Extra Cost!

Start as you mean to go on and have the bride to be stand out from the crowd in an alternative hen party t shirt.

  • A great idea is to have the hen in opposite colours
  • It's easy to create when personalising your group shirts
  • You can also pick a Bride only design
  • No extra or hidden costs!

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