How Much Should You Pay for Your Stag Do?

A good stag do can be one of the most memorable events of the year, but it comes with its fair share of considerations, and cost can be a big concern for anyone who gets involved with a stag do.

While many people associate the occasion with happiness and a time to celebrate their friend, there’s sure to be at least a few of the attendees who will be wondering how much the stag do will cost them.

While it is an honour to be invited to a stag do, you need to produce a stag do budget that allows everyone to be able to afford the party. In fact, you’ll find that many of stag do’s even arrange for the stag’s costs to be financed by the groomsmen and other guests, so you’ll have to factor in a little extra on top of your own costs.

Stick to the budget

As you look forward to the stag do and plans begin to take shape, ensure that you have a fairly clear idea of how much each person will contribute before you ask everyone to cough up.

The last thing you want is to have to add in a load of additional costs late in the day, so being as clear as possible on numbers will also help you as the stag organiser to collect contributions and stick to your budget.

One recent survey suggested the average stag would cost about £390 per guest, while another survey estimated that it would cost in the region of £210 per guest to have a stag do. So, basically, there is no specific ‘right’ cost for a stag do, it’s more important to agree a reasonable budget and stick fairly closely to it.

How much will it cost?

In terms of a more detailed estimate of how much it might cost per head for your stag party, it might be useful to have a rough estimate of how much each part of the stag weekend could cost.

For example:

The ideal amount of money to spend on a stag party obviously varies widely from person to person and event to event, impacted by the group’s choices of accommodation, activities and destinations.

Going abroad?

Estimates for those taking their stag party overseas are also available.

Some suggest that the stag do cost for taking your party to a foreign destination is up to double of those having it locally. Consider the following breakdown of stag do costs for a foreign stag party cost:

The costs above are of course just approximates. There are various different ways to plan and budget a stag do, so plan your spending based on the cost levels the stag party guests can afford.

Obviously it can be awkward to ask a group of guys about what they can afford, but offer as much flexibility as you can and people will usually hint at one they can and can’t afford to on.

Another useful idea is that you should look to have one of the organisers play the role of ‘accountant’ and keep a running estimate on rough costs.

Bottom line

It is important to note that while there are many estimates, which can be very helpful, only your group can actually know how much it should cost you to have a stag do.

Your list of events to attend, activities to engage in and destinations to go to as the stag group determines the expenses you’ll incur. It should always be possible to get the best possible deal in terms of stag party cost. Usually, many establishments will be able to offer discounted group rates for a range of activities, while some places do package deals such as a meal, comedy night ticket and VIP club entry. Pick what works for you.

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