Mother of the Groom T-Shirts

Mother of the Groom T-Shirt

As part of any personalised t-shirt designs for a hen weekend, you’ll want to find the ideal mother of the groom t-shirt, as long as she’s been invited to the event! We’ll assume that if you’ve arrived on this page, then the mother of the bride will be in attendance, so in that case you’ll want to get her the best t-shirt option possible.

If so, you’re in just the right place here at Mr Porkys, with our range of mother of the groom tops able to offer a fantastic selection of design choices. Depending on what type of personality the mother of the groom has, you may want to go for a luxurious and stylish design, or you may want to put together a humorous option that has a laugh at her, or her son’s, expense.

There is no end to the range of design possibilities we can put together with regards to selecting your mother of the groom t-shirt. Not only can we put specific artwork, names, dates and locations onto the t-shirts, but they are also available in a variety of different colours, sizes and materials. If you need any help in deciding on exactly what type of design you want to go for, our team are happy to take you through some of our best options.

We also offer possibilities such as caricature designs, where we can take a particularly flattering (you surely wouldn’t want to choose an unflattering photo of the mother of the groom!) and turn it into a fun caricature for her – or her future daughter-in-law – to wear on the front of their t-shirt.

Having spent over 9 years perfecting our craft in designing personalised t-shirts for stag and hen dos, we assure the highest quality across our range, which is certainly true of our mother of the groom tops. We also offer durability in the materials we use, which is handy if the t-shirts are put under any strain during the hen weekend celebrations. Although we’re sure the mother of the groom will be too reserved to get too involved in any of those! 


In addition to offering great design quality and great value across our range, we also have rapid delivery options in place for those hen groups who may have left ordering their items until the last minute. Just choose your ideal mother of the groom t-shirt, as well as any other t-shirts you still have left to order, and we will get the items out to you as soon as possible to enable you to have them in time for the hen weekend.

To find out more about any of the items we offer, or receive advice on selecting your ideal option, you can get in touch with us by phone, by email or by completing our online contact form, at which point we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible. Our team are always happy to speak to our customers about the designs we offer and how to help them find their ideal pick.

If you’re ready to look at our hen t-shirts in more detail and see which ones could work as mother of the groom tops, you can view them here.