Stag Do T-Shirt Ideas – Best Ideas

When it comes to getting the ideal option for your stag do t-shirts, there are a few different directions you could go in. You can go for the classic route of putting the stag’s name – or embarrassing nickname – on the front, or maybe a picture of them in a ‘compromising’ photo. You could put some statement on there about it being the last time he’ll be allowed out with the lads, or you could even put something heartfelt or sentimental….. on second thoughts, let’s focus on stitching him up!

Four design examples showing best stag t-shirt ideas

Here at Mr Porkys, we offer a wide variety of stag do t-shirt ideas, with options in a variety of colours and styles. We put a lot of thought into our stag t-shirt ideas to ensure that we offer plenty of pop culture references and design options that people will connect with.

One such option in terms of quality stag do t-shirt ideas is in our range of caricature t-shirts, where we can take a picture of the groom and produce a high-quality caricature print that will look great on the front of a t-shirt. We can even add additional design touches to add an image or setting alongside the caricature.

We are passionate about what we do here at Mr Porkys, and that shines through in our work on all of our stag t-shirt ideas for sure. We love what we do, because we love kitting stag and hen parties, and that’s why we use the highest quality material for all of our tops, so that your design ideas not only come to life, but are also able to look their best through a night of partying hard! We know that these parties can be the highlight of any social calendar and that’s why we love to play our part in making the event go off just right.


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Luckily for you last-minute types, we offer a ‘Left it Late’ service, as we know there is a lot of steps to booking a successful stag do, and it can all get a bit hectic. So, if you’ve woken up in a cold sweat remembering the stag do tops need buying, and it’s only a few days before the party, not to worry. We will get your order made up and on its way to you in the quickest possible time, meaning the show can go on.

We’re always willing to collaborate when it comes to stag do t-shirt ideas, whether you have some ideas of your own that you want to put forward, or maybe you’ve seen some of our stag do t-shirt ideas and there are changes you want to make. We’re always happy to listen to your ideas and try and put them into action.

The Mr Porkys team are always only a phone call away, you can reach us on 0151 317 9292, you can email us at or if you’d rather, then you can fill out our online form on our Contact page and we can book in a better time for a call and discuss any questions about our t-shirt range from there.

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