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Posted: 30th September 2019

5 tips for creating the best photo stag or hen t shirts

Nearly a decade ago in 2010, we became the first online company in the UK to creatively print personalised photographs on to stag do and hen party t shirts.

In that time our designs have improved and our PhotoWorks tees have gone from great to amazing, especially given that improvements in digital cameras, smartphones and social media have made it easier than ever to get your hands on the perfect photos for funny stag do and hen party t shirts.

We are the experts when it comes to PhotoWorks t shirts and we can create great results with the photos sent in to us 99% of the time. Sometimes, though, customers overlook some things that could make their stag and hen t shirt designs even better.

Posted: 30th September 2019

Hen T Shirt Trends: Rose Gold

If you’re looking for hen t shirt trends to give you some serious hen party t shirt ideas then look no further than rose gold. Rose gold is more than a trend.

It’s been a fashion staple since Apple launched the iPhone 6S back in 2015 and, let’s face it, your phones will be out that much during the hen do snapping away for your Insta story that it just makes sense that they match your t shirts.

Rose gold is the ultimate in girly luxe. It’s a shade of pink that manages to be feminine and grown-up at the same time. Its popularity is down to a lot of reasons, but the main one, according to Marie Claire’s Digital Fashion Editor, Penny Goldstone, is that it looks amazing in on your Insta grid.

Posted: 30th September 2019

Mix and match shirt types for your hen party

It’s going to be a really mixed bunch at this hen party you’re planning and it’s making coming up with hen party t shirt ideas a bit of a challenge.

The group includes the bride and her best friends, but also her mum, the mother of the groom, her nana and her eighteen-year-old cousin.

One size certainly does not fit all. And it’s not just size, it’s shirt type.

The cousin is quite happy to wear a skinny fit tee, but the bride’s nana would prefer something she’s comfier in. One of the bridesmaids is 20 weeks pregnant and would certainly prefer something a bit more flowing and looser to go over her burgeoning bump. But don’t worry – we’re here to help.

Posted: 11th September 2019

Top tips for collecting money for hen party and stag do t shirts

If you’ve ever arranged a hen party or stag do before, you’ll know that collecting money from everyone is the hardest part of the whole process.

If you’ve not done this before then – spoiler alert – this is where you’ll potentially hit a wall. In fact, difficulties collecting money is why many orders placed with us are last minute.

However, collecting money for stag do and hen party t shirts doesn’t have to be a slog. We’ve pooled together our experience gathered from countless hen and stag dos and have put together our top tips for money collections.

Posted: 11th September 2019

5 great colour combos for your hen party t shirts 2019

At Mr Porkys, we let you customise almost every aspect of your hen party t shirts, right down to the colour of the tee and the colour of the print, but picking the right colour combo can be a toughie.

What goes with what? What’s on-trend? What will get the most likes?

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite colour schemes to give you some great hen party t shirt ideas.

Posted: 24th January 2019

Stand Out Bride Shirt


Start as you mean to go on and have the bride to be stand out from the crowd in an alternative hen party t shirt.

  • A great idea is to have the hen in opposite colours
  • It’s easy to create when personalising your group shirts
  • You can also pick a Bride only design
  • No extra or hidden costs!
Posted: 24th January 2019

Back Names


Use back name prints to show off each person’s name or nickname – great for adding a really personal touch.

Alternatively, why not print the location of the stag do, hen party or perhaps the date?

Posted: 24th January 2019

Back Numbers


Back number prints are often used alongside back names to really personalise each stag or hen party t shirt.

  • You could use favourite numbers or squad numbers
  • Or why not go for the number of the year e.g. 19?
Posted: 24th January 2019

Back Letters


Add a letter instead of a number when you personalise your t shirt so that when everyone stands together it spells out a name or an event.

ZOE’S HENS or TOM’S STAG, for instance, or add numbers to make it ZOE’S HENS 19.

Posted: 24th January 2019

Sleeve Prints


Sleeve Prints can be either names or numbers and can be all the same or different for each shirt.

  • Vary the sleeve name by using initials or the event
  • Print the year of the stag, hen do or your squad numbers