The Ultimate Guide to Stag Do T-Shirts

Here at Mr Porkys, we don’t just make stag do t-shirts, we also take great enjoyment in seeing all the different designs that our customers come up with and imagining them bringing a great source of entertainment on stag weekends around the country. Most of our t-shirts pop up around the world!

With this in mind, we thought it’d be great to put together our ultimate guide to stag do t-shirts, looking at a little bit of the history behind stag do’s, some examples of the best stag do t-shirts we’ve seen and also including a range of details related to getting that ideal set of t-shirts for your big event.

With no further ado, welcome to the Mr Porkys Ultimate Guide to Stag Do T-Shirts!

Let’s start at the beginning….

If we’re going to look at everything stag do related, it makes sense to start at the beginning.

We don’t just mean the beginning of our company and our journey with stag do’s, but at the actual beginning of any reported stag do’s from way back when.

While the term stag do seems to be very much British, the roots of a group of guys getting together to celebrate in the lead up to one of them getting married is a much older tradition, one that is a little further afield. It is widely reported that this tradition goes back as far as 2,500 years ago with soldiers in Sparta (so basically, a 300-themed stag do but the real thing!) getting together with their comrade the night before he got married to toast to his marriage. Hence the phrase “Last Night of Freedom” becoming popularised.

Although most stag do’s now don’t happen the night before the wedding (especially not if you’ve seen The Hangover!), the average group of guys on a stag do probably enjoy many of the same food, drink and ‘entertainment’ options as would have been celebrated a couple of thousand years ago with those epic soldier gatherings over in Ancient Greece.

Dressed to impress….

In terms of tracking the direct use of stag do t-shirts for the first time, it’s a little bit tricky to pinpoint.

What does seem clear is that the stag do t-shirts seems to have taken inspiration from the groups of holidaymakers who began to put together groups of self printed t-shirts for their trips abroad.

Despite those humble beginnings, the stag do t-shirt industry has far exceeded any other special occasion t-shirt market, and thankfully the quality has improved along with it. Long gone are the days of you getting the permanent markers out and messily scrawling ‘Big Steve’ and the number 69 on the back of a Fruit of the Loom t-shirt; we’re now talking high-quality personalised designs with design agency-level graphics.

Here at Mr Porkys, we’ve very much helped to set the standard in that area, as we’ve always believed that if you’re going to do something for your stag do, there’s no point in doing it by halves.

So, whether you are looking at putting together the best group activities, or booking all of the lads in for a slap-up meal, you’re going to want to get them the best option possible. We believe that it’s exactly the same when it comes to the group’s stag party t-shirts, but also that quality should be available at a great price.

With this in mind, we’ve spent the past 9 years offering some of the best stag do t-shirts on the market at some of the most competitive prices around, working with a wide variety of different stag do groups to help them find the perfect options for their event. We’ve put together t-shirts that are heartfelt, humorous, embarrassing, unusual and everything else in between.

The Perfect Fit

In terms of finding the right stag do t-shirt option for you and your group, we believe that the level of flexibility and consistent quality that we offer makes us one of the best options in the UK.

Whether you want to get 10 of the same t-shirt, or you want to do personalised versions for the stag, the best man and/or other members of the group, we can fit our designs to your exact needs.

If you come to us with an exact design vision in mind, we can bring that to life in the most accurate way possible, while if you come to us with little more than a compromising photo of the stag, we can run you through our range of options that are designed to put together and have you to find exactly the right fit for your event. All of our stag do t-shirts can come in a range of colours, styles and sizes.

You can speak to our design team in detail to find out exactly what we can offer and choose from a range of different design styles to find your best fit. Many people like our caricature designs, where we take one of your photographs and turn it into an eye-catching illustration that is unmistakably your stag. In addition to the different visual designs we offer, we can add a range of personalised details to make your t-shirts the perfect souvenir. Combining quality artwork with names, dates and locations makes the t-shirt the ideal memento to remember the stag weekend by; even if you can’t remember much else!

We can offer our t-shirts with a wide range of colours and fonts to help you find just the right look for your group, so we’re sure that by the time you’ve made your picks, you’ll have a quality set of t-shirts for those all-important stag do photos.

Ideal Stag Do Locations

There are no end to the places that can make for a good stag do, and a lot of it will depend on the preferences of your group, but we’ve put together a couple of guides here on our site to give you some tips on where to book a stag:


Hall of Fame

We don’t just make high-quality stag do t-shirts, we also love to see them out and about being enjoyed by people on their stag do’s, so we always take pleasure in seeing great examples of stag do’s ‘out in the wild’.

With this in mind, we thought we’d create a section where we spotlight examples of top quality t-shirts that we’ve seen and enjoyed. This is something that we’ll look to add to over time, but for now, here’s a strong start.

Footballing stag

One example of having a little bit of fun at your own expense, but doing so in a way that also highlights your own achievements, was the way that former footballer Darren Purse went about designing his stag do t-shirt.

Mr Purse wore a simple white t-shirt that featured a graphic designed by Panini Cheapskates, a company who do images that can only be described as ‘so bad they’re almost good’ drawings of famous footballers.

It just so happened that the football sticker graphic in question was one of Darren Purse himself, making for the perfect self-reference. It was a great way to choose an embarrassing photo that actually turned out to be quite complimentary given that it reminded he spent years doing what most of us would see as our dream job.

While we can’t claim to have a design style quite like Panini Cheapskates, we do have a range of caricature designs that can help you produce an equally humorous depiction of the stag in question. Speak to us today about the different caricature options and then get searching for the photo you think perfectly captures the stag at their best, or worst!

Hall of Shame

While there are many great stag do t-shirts out there, let’s be honest about the fact that there have also been some shockers produced over the years.

We try not to take pleasure in this, but given that the bad ones only emphasise how good our range is at Mr Porkys, we do have a wry smile at the worst efforts we’ve seen.

Again, we will look to add to this section over time, but for now, here’s a truly shocking creation!

Under the Thumb

Far be it from us to criticise the heartfelt work of others, but we will callout one of the more ‘homemade’ offerings that deserves to be ridiculed.

This is the story of a stag for whom the term “under the thumb” could have been invented. Daniel Peel ventured off on his stag do to Skegness with a bunch of his mates, but also a freshly packed t-shirt that had been designed for him by his fiancee.

That may sound sweet, but as soon as the stag t-shirt was unveiled, it became clear to the rest of the party that it was little more than an attempt to try and scare off any potential attention that the stag may receive from other women during the stag weekend.

That’s not an idea that we have a problem with in and of itself, but the way the t-shirt went about it was particularly cringeworthy, as you’ll see from the photo below.

To be honest, the lads face says it all, and while we hope they’ve gone on to have a happy marriage, I don’t think we’ll be taking any design tips from Daniel’s Mrs!

Our options

Having shown you a couple of stag do t-shirt examples (of varying degrees of success) that have made it into the media in recent years, we thought we’d showcase a few of our recent designs to give you a glimpse of the sort of eye-catching quality and diverse range of styles we can offer.

If any of them particularly catch your eye and you want to do something similar, that is certainly possible, while if you have a totally different idea in mind, get in touch for a chat and I’m sure we’ll be able to come up with something that suits what you want.

In Closing

We hope that this has given you a helpful overview and brief history of the stag do t-shirt in all its glory. As we said at the start of this guide, we don’t just sell stag do t-shirts, we love them!

We produce an original design for each and every client and we take a real interest in helping our customers to find a truly memorable option for their group at a great price.

You’re welcome to speak to us today by phoning 0151 317 9292, by emailing us on or by filling out the Contact form on our site. Alternatively, if you’re ready to go ahead and get ordering, then take a look at some of the options here on our site and move forward with your selection.

We offer free and express delivery options, so once you’ve made your selection, we’ll get straight on with creating the shirts and can then get the order out to you on your chosen delivery date. Then all that’s left is for you to get the group kitted out and have the night of your lives!