Posted: 30th September 2019

5 tips for creating the best photo stag or hen t shirts

Nearly a decade ago in 2010, we became the first online company in the UK to creatively print personalised photographs on to stag do and hen party t shirts.

In that time our designs have improved and our PhotoWorks tees have gone from great to amazing, especially given that improvements in digital cameras, smartphones and social media have made it easier than ever to get your hands on the perfect photos for funny stag do and hen party t shirts.

We are the experts when it comes to PhotoWorks t shirts and we can create great results with the photos sent in to us 99% of the time. Sometimes, though, customers overlook some things that could make their stag and hen t shirt designs even better.


It might seem obvious, but the sharper the focus, the better the pic will look.

The problem is, smartphone screens are pretty small compared to our t shirts, so an image might look nice and crisp, but when you zoom in on the face it can become blurry.

TOP TIP: Zoom in on the photo before you send it to check if it becomes blurred.

Photo Tips - Focus image


If the image is too dark or too light, it can cause the pic to lose detail.

We can brighten or darken an image ourselves, but the result will never be as good as using a photo with good original lighting. If a photo is backlit, or the bride or groom’s face is lit from one side, the contrasting shadows can’t really be removed at all.

TOP TIP: If the photo’s lighting means it’s a struggle to see the subject’s face clearly, it may be better to search for another.

Photo Tips - Lighting image


Photo Tips - Resolution image
While pretty much all cameras and phones have great resolution these days, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bit you need has good resolution.

For instance, if the bride or groom’s face is only a small bit in the background of a photo of someone else, it will probably pixelate when we zoom in on it.

Similarly, screenshots of photos will not have as good a resolution as the original. So, if you’re taking your photo from Facebook, or a service such as Google Photos, download the original to your device.

TOP TIP: Try to find a photo where the bride or groom is the main subject as the resolution will likely be better.


A really common problem we have is that the top or side of the head is cropped slightly from the edge of the photo.

When we zoom and crop, this shows as a straight edge which can spoil the overall effect.

TOP TIP: Check the bride or groom’s head is fully in the photo before sending.

Photo Tips - Cropping image


If the photo is taken at night using a flash, it can cause the edges of the subject’s head to blend with the dark background leaving no clear outline.

This can make it very difficult to accurately cut out their head for the t shirt design and we often have to guess.

TOP TIP: Ensure there is even just a small amount of contrast between the bride or groom’s head and the background. We only need a tiny bit in order to see the outline.

Photo Tips - Outline of Head image


Of course, the perfect stag or hen tee is the one that makes everyone laugh. The above tips are just that: tips. Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect image.

Let’s face it, it can be better to have a funny, slightly blurry photo rather than a ticks-all-the-boxes but slightly dull one. Ultimately, you’re planning the bash, so you get the final say on what to use, and we’ll always let you know if there’s going to be a problem.