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Back Letter Prints

Eight medium to close-up shots of models wearing navy style fit t-shirts. Photographed from the back to show white back letter print. Spells out TOM’S STAG. Light pink background
Stag group wears navy style fit t-shirt with white back letter print

Only £2 Per Top

Add a letter instead of a number when you personalise your t shirts so when everyone stands together it spells out a name or an event, for instance, TOM’S STAG or mix with numbers to make it TOM’S STAG 18.

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Alternative Stag Shirt

Medium close-up shots of models. The groom is in a fuchsia t shirt and the group are in black t-shirts. They all have ‘Stag Squad’ design printed in white on the front. Fuchsia pink background
Stag wears fuchsia style fit t-shirt. Group wears black style fit t-shirt. Both have 'Stag Squad' design in white print colour.

No Extra Cost!

The stag do is all about making the groom to be stand out so do this right from the start with an alternative shirt for the stag.

  • A great idea is to have the stag in opposite shirt and print colours to everyone else
  • It's easy to create when personalising your group shirts
  • No extra or hidden costs to add on

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Back Names

Three close-up shots of models wearing charcoal style fit t-shirts. Photographed from behind to show back name prints in yellow. First shot has ‘Tenerife’, second shot has ‘Ian’s Stag’ and third has ‘Big Barry’. Yellow background
Stag wears charcoal style fit t-shirt with yellow back name prints

Only £2 Per Top

Back name prints can make each shirt individual by adding each person’s name or nickname. Or, if you don’t fancy names, you could print the date or location of the stag do.

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Sleeve Prints

Four medium close-up shots of model in military green t shirt, each displaying different examples of white sleeve prints including a name, number, year and the word ‘hen’. Light green background
Stag wears military green style fit t-shirt with white sleeve prints

Only £2 Per Sleeve

Sleeve prints can be either names or numbers and each shirt can be completely individual.

  • Vary the sleeve name by using initials or the event
  • Sleeve Numbers are popular and look great on all stag do t shirt types
  • Print the year of the stag do or your squad numbers