Five TV shows to Base a Stag Party on

An increasingly popular option for stag do’s is to go with a particular theme that runs through the event. Before you ask, drinking doesn’t really class as a theme.

We’re talking more about basing your weekend around a particularly notable TV show. You can get a lot of mileage from a top TV show when enjoying a stag party.

Here are some of the best TV shows to base a stag party on. You can put together a fantastic event for all involved by having stag do TV show themed events inspired by one of these popular shows:

Game of Thrones

Forget the show’s debatable ending and remember its overall greatness. If you get a company offering stag party TV show themed activities, you and your stag party group can have one of the best times of your life with a Thrones theme.

You’ll get to spend quality time with some of the sights of the Seven Kingdoms. For example, why not board Daenerys Targaryen’s ship and set sail on Blackwater Bay?

Dubrovnik offers the best option for this boat tour, as you can then tour the ‘real’ Kings Landing and maybe enjoy a Dragon’s Blood cocktail. If you’re up for some competition, you can learn how to fight with swords. Other activities inspired by Game of Thrones include spending the night in a castle. You can enjoy archery and axe throwing, then retire to your lodgings to indulge in a stag do TV show themed medieval banquet.

Man vs Wild

Here is a show theme for those who enjoy challenging events. With your band of merry men, you can enjoy Bear Grylls style survival experiences in some of the harsher environments you’re likely to see on a stag do.

If you think rock climbing, forests, camping, shelter building, sleeping bags, cliffs, raft building, white water rafting and gorge walking sounds like fun, then a Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Survival theme is the perfect TV show to base your stag do on. You might even enjoy pranking the stag with something gross to eat!

Man vs Food

What group of stag do guest doesn’t enjoy a seemingly endless supply of food? If this sounds like heaven to you, then Man vs Food could be the best TV show to base your stag party on.

In terms of stag party TV show themed events, you can get so much out of this popular reality TV show. If you’re up for an eating competition, bring an empty stomach and enormous appetite to a party with literally mountains of food.

Burgers, steaks, garlic bread, chips, hotdogs, pasta, chicken and much much more. The list of what you can feast your eyes – and your belly – on with this eating show themed event is endless. Just make sure that you can still fit in your wedding suit once the weekend is over!


If you are looking for a stag do at a saloon in London which conjures up imagery and experiences of Westworld characters and storylines, this can be booked in with companies who offer this type of event.

They’ll make sure Stetson hats are available for every guest, as well as a range of outlaw themed touches.

You can have a bartender whip up personal cocktails as you enjoy card and dice games at the table. Some companies offering Westworld stag do TV themed events even bring along professional actors to act out a tense storyline from the TV show.


A classic of our youth, with a recently rebooted movie, just think of the many fun activities you can engage your stag team with from this TV show!

There are a lot of stag do TV show themed crazy games you can participate in. Get into your brightest red shorts (or maybe a swimsuit and blonde wig for the stag!), turn into beach boys and compete in challenges like a paddle relay race, beach volleyball and lifeguard flag sprint.

If you want, you can participate in further sports activities like aqua targets, ultimate frisbee, surfing, bodyboarding, coasteering and stand up paddleboarding.

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We hope these tips have been useful for getting you thinking about exactly how you could go about incorporating a TV show them into your stag do.

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