Four Key Questions for Your Stag Do

There is no doubt that there are many stag do questions that the person planning a stag do may have. While the event is about celebrating, the occasion itself is significant and can require some organising.

As organiser, you’re looking to help every guest to get the best out of it and to give your friend the time of their life before going into their marriage. So, it makes a lot of sense to look for ways to plan a great stag party.

In addition to being specialists in stag do clothing, we are also experienced in stag do’s themselves, and can offer a range of stag party questions to consider as you plan a great stag party. In terms of the most frequently asked stag do questions, it can vary depending on the nature of your stag do and the people involved, but in general, we think you should consider these five key stag do questions.

What events and activities should we select?

There are obviously a wide range of activities and events a stag party can attend.

Many of these events provide a lot of fun and satisfaction to the attendees, whether that’s through a really active day of go-karting or paintballing, or a relaxed time in the pub or a hotel where you hardly need to move other than to eat or drink.

This makes the question challenging to answer in specific terms, it should really come from a discussion with the stag group – whether in person or on whatsapp – in order to check everybody’s available dates and interests in terms of activities and come to some consensus on which events to attend. Additionally, if you are planning a prank on the stag, this is the ideal time to bring it up to the group for the attendees to decide.

What are the best destinations?

Anyone who has been to more than one stag party will tell you that stag do’s can be quite different depending on who’s in attendance and where you base the event.

For this reason, bringing this question up early on is actually very important.

You’ll get to consider whether to go local, or pick one of the big city destinations famous for stag do events. You can decide between having the stag do on home shores or going for a foreign destination if the group’s resources allow. As with activities, check with the group and see if you can come to some sort of consensus.

Who should be invited?

Determining who exactly should be invited to the stag party is very important.

Ultimately, this should be the stag’s call, but given that the best man is often tasked with organising, you should put together a list – complete with contact details – for the best man to go about contacting.

Whether you have some surprises to spring, or just want to keep the stag free from additional stress, it is not uncommon for any further arrangements to be done without the stag’s involvement, but it is always useful to decide on the overall number of guests with him. This helps you to have a group of people who matter to the stag, those that will help him enjoy his occasion to the fullest. It also helps you to keep the number manageable in terms of booking activities and accommodation.

When do I book?

The question of the best time to make reservations for your stag party is vital.

There are many reasons to want to book as far in advance as possible for their stag do, or at least begin to pin down exact dates and locations to ensure that everyone makes it.

If there are activities which require a deposit, make sure that you collect payment from each group member rather than taking this on yourself. The act of putting in a deposit actually helps the more ‘flaky’ members of the group to actually commit to attending. Ensure you consider all of the key options and confirm each guest’s attendance before booking in for your chosen activities and lodgings.

Team up with some tees!

We hope these tips have been useful for getting you thinking about exactly how you should go about planning your stag do.

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